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Fair Trade Community is a non-profit initiative, created from a belief that by buying Fair Trade products we as consumers can change the world to the better. And by using our spending power, we participate in solving some of this planets biggest problems e.g. poverty, global warming, over population, etc. By buying Fair Trade products we help some of the poorest people in the world to make their own living.

We also think it is time for Fair Trade and the Fair Trade movement to step into the future and take a bigger responsibility for our common global problems. It is time for Fair Trade to become the resource to count on, a resource that take our common global problems seriously and do something about it.

Fair Trade Community also provide additional services to the Fair Trade movement, like business advice, advertising and some other web related services.

We create and publish content on Fair Trade Community and its sister websites as well as we publish contributed content that we think has a value to the community. We also publish content from specially selected authors who write very informative and useful articles and are experts in their field. Hopefully, you will find this content mix informative and useful in your endeavour to do something about the problems in the world whether it is Fair Trade or something else.

Welcome to our website, browse the information, join the community and participate in the discussion to shape the future of Fair Trade.

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