The Conscious Consumer Shops for Clothing

By Adrian Desbarats

Being a conscious consumer isn't too hard when it comes to food and paper goods. But with eco friendly clothing, the best option for a conscious consumer who's not a nudist, it gets a little more complicated. The typical shopping mall does not tend to have the most environmentally or socially responsible shopping options. True, in some areas, there are plenty of stores selling eco-friendly clothing (be sure to take your cloth bags!). But for most people, the best way to find a good variety of eco-friendly and organic clothing choices is to shop online.

Now, of course, Fashion & Earth offers eco-friendly, organic clothing, so let's just get that out of the way. I'm biased, and I fully admit it. I am going to use Fashion & Earth as an example throughout this article because shopping at Fashion & Earth (and yes, at other awesome online organic clothing retailers - it's true, there are others) is a great way to be a conscious consumer.

Let's start with the basics. And no, I don't mean "basics" in the way that Grandma used to call underwear "basics," although you certainly can buy organic cotton undies, and you can do it at Fashion & Earth. I mean basics as in, "What is so great about organic clothing and eco-friendly clothing?" The short answer: pretty much everything.

The Long Answer

First, when you buy organic clothing, you are buying consciously. You're supporting growers, manufacturers, and retailers who are dedicated to doing their part in the effort to reduce pollution, waste, and toxic exposure. They're the good guys, and it's always nice to help the good guys win once in a while.

Second, when you choose eco-friendly clothing options, you're promoting sustainability and limiting your own chemical exposure. It's simple. Take bamboo for example. Bamboo is an extremely sustainable crop, growing to maturity in just five years and requiring little in the way of human intervention. In fact, bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, so when it's harvested, it doesn't have to be replanted: it just grows back like the grass in a backyard. So when you choose to wear products made with bamboo, you're choosing a material made from a sustainable source, one that doesn't poison the earth with herbicides and insecticides like traditional cotton, and one that doesn't expose you to latent traces of those chemicals as you wear the material. Plus, it makes for some super soft, ultra comfortable shirts.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Even the very best quality clothing doesn't last forever. When you're ready to part with that incredibly comfortable organic cotton sweater, remember that being a conscious consumer also means making deliberate decisions when it comes to discarding used or unwanted items. If the item is still wearable but you no longer want it, there is no shortage of wonderful charities ready and willing to accept your donations.

If your used clothing, organic or not, is no longer wearable, don't throw it out! Go online and look for a textile recycler in your area. These wonderful companies will take your used clothing donations and repurpose the material into cleaning rags and polishing cloths or even send them to other companies which literally recycle the fabric by breaking it down into fibers.

Adrian Desbarats
Article by Adrian Desbarats
Fashion & Earth provides consumers with eco friendly clothing at affordable prices. With their hassle free returns policy and, extremely generous Rewards Program you really have nothing to lose! Go ahead - check them out and experience the feeling of wearing organic, fair trade clothing. The feeling of empowerment and pride that comes with wearing your values!

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