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Peruvian Amazon Jungle - Tambopata and Iquitos

The Andean country of Peru in South America has over fifty natural reserves, national parks, protected areas and sanctuaries meaning that about five percent of the surface area of the country is covered by such parks. The Tambopata - Candamo Reserve Zone and the Manu Biosphere Reserve are located in the south of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle while in the north the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is the largest protected area.

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Fresh Flowers Delivered Daily

Have you ever been presented with a beautiful fresh, colorful arrangement of flowers? How did that make you feel? Joyful, appreciative, and uplifted is most likely somewhere in your answer. Just the event of knowing someone was thinking of you would lift your spirits. It is hard to explain the buzz you feel when you look at and smell your beautiful flowers, but it certainly is a good feeling. When we receive a surprise bouquet it makes you more thankful for your sense of sight and smell. Being able to see the different colors in our bouquet and breathe in the heady scents they have is a total delight.

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Fibres From Peru: Vicuna & Alpaca

When people think of Peru, clothing isn't always the first thing on their mind. With Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines and the Amazon to think of it can be easy to overlook the beauty of luxury Peruvian fibres.

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Coconut Oil Skin Benefits

Other than healing your health internally such as lowering your blood pressure, curing constipation, improving digestion, strengthening your kidney and liver, enhancing your immune system, burning more unwanted body fat and fighting various killer diseases including AIDS, coconut oil can also benefit you externally, as a skin care product.

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7 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Money on a Latin America Vacation

The last thing you want after returning from a relaxing Latin American vacation is to feel the veins throbbing on your forehead when you see your bank statement.

Hidden travel costs and charges are around every corner waiting to slap you, but with a bit of preparation you can breathe a sigh of relief when you check your post-vacation account balance.

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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Modern medical science has uncovered many health benefits of coconut oil such that it can actually protect you against heart disease, diabetes, cancers, liver and kidney diseases, osteoporosis, dental decay and skin infections.

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Clothing: A Peruvian Export

Peru is a country known for its richness in culture. Its food, music and customs stand out among its South American neighbors, and so, too, does its clothing. Traditional Peruvian clothing is made from natural fibers and bright hues, showcasing not only the skill but also the creativity of the many Andean families who produce them.

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Coconut Oil Uses & Benefits

You don't just benefit from eating coconut oil to achieve good health, weight loss and gain more energy etc. In fact, you can also use this super food in various ways. Let's go check out on how coconut oil benefits you with its various other uses.

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Are The Flowers To Be Delivered The Right Ones?

Flowers can send a message of love, friendship, sympathy, joy and many others beside. Flowers have long been known to convey how a person feels, by choosing the right type of floral arrangement. In Victorian times, flowers were used to send coded messages for lover's trysts, secret meetings, sorrow and disappointment among other things. Whatever message you are trying to convey to a friend or loved one, the message needs to be clear so it is often best to consult an experienced florist with the message that you need to send. A bunch of flowers to be delivered can speak for you when words have failed.

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How Your Latin American Vacation Could Change Your Life

With the global economy forcing us all to cut back on spending, it's often vacations that are the first thing on the chopping block. This is a huge shame - travel is a life changing experience, recognized as one of the best ways to spend your time. Especially if you are escaping from the doom and gloom of home!

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