MSG Obesity - Food Industry Secret Revealed

By Doris Temple

MSG obesity is not a fictitious condition. No, this is a man-made, very real affliction. It is characterized by a person not loosing weight on a low calorie diet.

MSG is a food additive that has a classification of 'flavor enhancer', according to the FDA. And yet it does so much more than that. Some of the more common complaints are:

  • throbbing headache
  • flushing of face and chest and pain
  • burning sensation

And now we can add obesity to the list of adverse reactions. But, how did the link to obesity come to light...

With the dramatic rise of obesity in North America, companies want to have all sorts of weight loss products tested. Laboratories need fat rats to do the testing on. But, when was the last time you seen a fat rat?

In there lies the problem. These rodents do not naturally get fat. So researchers give the rats msg. Sometimes even by injection in the developing young. This method is then cited in their research paper and a search of published papers at will reveal the extent of this practice.

What you can do

  1. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. A major source of this additive.
  2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.
  3. When eating at a restaurant, ask that no msg be used.
  4. Read your food labels. This health menace is even found in weight loss products.
  5. Do not drastically reduce your caloric intake. It wasn't working anyway, was it?
  6. Perhaps the most important is not to give up hope. Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself when given the proper nutrients.

Now that you know, you can do something about it. The laboratories have demonstrated that the young are at the greatest effect of this chemical. Perhaps we can rid ourselves of msg obesity in one generation by just not feeding it to our children. A solution that would benefit each child in their lifelong health.

Doris Temple
Article by Doris Temple
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