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A Visit to the Snake Skin Factory

Snake Skin Factory :: How To Make Skin for Luxurious Handbags

Man is always on the quest for something bigger and better; it is the main engine of our progress and evolution. But sometimes is it going wrong, terrible wrong.

Exotic varieties of skin have better performance than conventional leather. But of course, the most important factor in this business is peoples desire to stand out from the crowd. The main source of this skin is reptile farms or snake skin factories. This is a photo report about one of them.

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Giving Birth In the Slum

Giving Birth In the Slum :: Giving Birth in the Slum in Bangladesh

Saja is the pregnant mother in the family and are preparing to give birth to another child in the slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Saja is living in a small, stuffy and dirty little room in the Korayl slum, surrounded by plants. As in most other slums, there are no doctors, no basic health units. It is like hundreds of years ago, there are only midwives to help to deliver a baby. Their skills are questionable and it is risky to give birth under their care. Many women die in childbirth along with their newborn baby. Bangladesh has the world's highest mortality rate of pregnant women - 440 per 100 thousand dies giving birth. It is caused by the fact that most births in this country is taken by unskilled and uneducated midwives.

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