5 Fair Trade Items You Could Use to Promote Your Business

By Nuni Randall

If your business is looking to promote itself, you should consider using Fair Trade items. Fair Trade is aimed at helping people in developing countries by paying a good price to the producers while removing the profit reducing middlemen. This results in Fair Trade workers and producers enjoying a better quality of life and fairer treatment.

All items produced under the Fair Trade brand must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Workers received a minimum wage for their labour.
  • Workers are provided with adequate housing, where appropriate.
  • Fair Trade producers employed minimum standards for health and safety.
  • Ethical stance on the environment, including refusing to use certain pesticides and never using material gained from endangered species.

If you're thinking of promoting your business using items such as cards, bags, clothing and other ways to put your brand in front of potential customers, then Fair Trade is the solution. Not only do you get high quality items, but also you know that they were ethically produced and that you're investing the growth and sustainability of people around the world. Of course, this demonstrates that your business is not only ethical but that it acknowledges its social responsibility to others.

So what kinds of items are available for promotion using Fair Trade?


There's something very distinct and special about handmade cards. These can be prepared for any occasion and printed with designs of your choice, including your company or organisation's logo, address, website etc. Using all natural products, unbleached card and paper, Fair Trade cards are entirely recyclable, so this is both ethical and environmentally sound.


Using expert Fair Trade weavers, you can have promotional clothing made to your precise requirements. You can design your own clothing or choose from existing samples. Your logo can be printed onto the clothes to personalise the promotion.

Paper Bags

Avoid giving plastic bags when you can use environmentally friendly paper bags as a promotional item. You can still get an eye-catching personalised design and they can be tailored to your exact needs. All the time, you'll know that they were ethically produced; they're entirely recyclable and were sourced from sustainable resources.


Loom weavers can produce beautiful, unique scarves for you to use as a promotional gift to customers, clients or suppliers.

Cotton Bags

Available in all sizes and shapes, a certified organic cotton bag is a great promotional item, especially if you want to give other items along with it, which can be carried inside the bag! In today's environmentally conscious world, cloth bags are an ecologically preferred material to plastic equivalents. With your logo printed onto the side of a cloth bag, you'll have the perfect mobile way to promote your business. When you give someone this kind of bag, they'll use it whenever they shop, meaning your message will travel with them. That's publicity you can't buy.

Looking for promotional items and thinking about going with Fair Trade? Why not visit www.zodingdi.co.uk for a range of ethically produced promotional items that are fully customisable to suit your organisation's needs.

Article by Nuni Randall
Zodingdi (previously Handloom Shop) began in direct response to the need for an outlet to sell goods produced by the disadvantaged in India. We work in close partnership with the groups and organisations which help provide employment and education to those who need it most.

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