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By Tommy Pettersson

Tommy Pettersson

Fair Trade Community is a non-profit initiative, created from a belief that we as consumers and intelligent people have the power to change the world to the better. The ways we can change the world for ourselves and others are many, and one of them is to use our power as consumers and buy Fair Trade and other ethical products.

By buying Fair Trade products we help poor farmers and their families to feed themselves and to improve their lives a little. At the same time we help someone in need, we also help ourselves. UN has published a report that says that the future of farming is small scale farming as it is farming with the nature and not against. This is something to think of in times of Food Scarcity and Global Warming. One other benefit is that many Fair Trade products also are organic and by that healthier than similar conventional products.

However, the Fair Trade world can be quite complex and is not always easy to navigate and understand. It is also many people and organisations involved in Fair Trade and the Fair Trade world changes rapidly. Fair Trade Community is created with the aim to help you out, to make Fair Trade easier, more transparent and understandable.

At Fair Trade Community we collect and publish information, articles, press releases, pictures, videos, etc., about Fair Trade, Fair Trade related products and commodities. We also think that Sustainability and Global Warming is related to Fair Trade and important to inform about.

Fair Trade Community is one of very few independent resources about Fair Trade on the Internet. We are independent from any Fair Trade or political organisation and try to publish as correct and truthful information we can get our hands on. You may have noticed, we publish both positive and negative information, just to give you the facts and the hands up on what is going on.

To stay independent and continue our work we need your help.

Please, Consider a Donation

Funds are needed to run Fair Trade Community on a daily basis. The Fair Trade Community website is growing and has become very popular with many daily visitors. It is very enjoyable that we fill a need on the Internet, but at the same time, the daily costs of running Fair Trade Community is skyrocketing. We need your help to continue our work and to improve.

We also need to upgrade our Internet presence to be able to serve all our information hungry visitors faster and more reliable, as well as offer our community of supporters more up to date functions.

Please, consider a donation to keep Fair Trade Community going.

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Please consider making a monthly contribution to Fair Trade Community. Your monthly gifts will allow us to plan, maintain and implement our long-term projects with efficiency. Do support us by making a monthly donation.

Yours sincerely,

Tommy Pettersson
Founder of Fair Trade Community

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