How to Guarantee Your Coffee Freshness

By Mark Ramos

If you are sick of drinking stale coffee, you may not know where to begin in fixing the problem. Stale and bitter coffee has often been brewed improperly or left out, and it may have been made with subpar coffee beans. If you want to pursue freshness as a coffee lover, use these tips to guarantee a wonderful cup of Joe.

To avoid stale coffee, here are the following tips that you can use:

  • Buy from a roaster online. If you don't have a roaster nearby, make sure that you purchase from a company that will freshly roast the beans the day that they ship to you so that they will be incredibly fresh when they arrive to you. This is important because the essential oils are what give the coffee beans their flavor, and they will begin to evaporate when they are exposed to air. Fresh roasted is the way to go!
  • Purchase whole coffee beans. If you are purchasing pre-ground coffee beans, think again. Coffee beans will go stale within 30 seconds of being ground, so you must grind fresh before brewing.
  • Don't store your coffee beans in the freezer. You must store your coffee beans in an airtight and opaque container in a cool and dark location. Not only will the extreme temperatures of the freezer affect the flavors of your coffee beans, but the beans are porous, so they will absorb the taste of other foods that may be in your freezer. Shrimp coffee, anyone?
  • Invest in a burr grinder. Yes, a burr grinder is somewhat more expensive than a blade grinder, but it grinds more evenly at a lower heat so that the coffee beans will not be affected in the grinding process. This will provide a thorough and consistent grind that will not affect the flavor of the beans, but you must grind before you brew!
  • Use the right grind consistency. Extraction is where it's at when it comes to the flavor and taste of your coffee. If you are brewing espresso, make sure to use a fine grind. If you are brewing in an automatic coffee maker, you must use a medium grind that will have the texture of granulated sugar. For a French Press, use a coarse consistency of coffee grounds.
  • Grind and throw away. The reason for this is that you must grind a few your coffee beans in your coffee grinder before brewing, and then toss them out. This will remove the residue of stale coffee from your last grind so that it will not affect your new brew.
  • Brew with fresh and cold water. If you are brewing with tap water that you would not even drink regularly, then think again! The water that you brew with will affect the taste of your coffee, so make sure that you are using filtered or distilled water for a fresh, memorable, and delicious taste within every cup of Joe that you brew.

Mark Ramos
Article by Mark Ramos
Mark Ramos is a coffee fanatic and owns The Coffee Bump. For a great selection in all things coffee and espresso machines, check out

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