Finum Brewing Basket - Medium

By Alex Zorach

The Finum Brewing Basket is a brewing basket designed for brewing loose tea and herbal tea. It is made of a stainless-steel mesh attached to a heat-resistant plastic frame. The Finum Brewing Basket is available in both medium and large sizes. This is a review of the medium size. The Finum Brewing Basket is manufactured by Riensch & Held Hamburg, a German company that specializes in the manufacture of tea filters, coffee filters, and other filters for use in home, office, and industrial settings.

Advantages of a Basket Infuser for Brewing Tea

Basket infusers, unlike tea balls, give room for the loose tea leaves to expand upwards. Tightly-rolled teas such as gunpowder green tea or many oolong teas need quite a lot of room to fully expand, as can other whole-leaf teas and compressed teas such as Pu-erh. The extra room can allow water to permeate more easily through the leaf, resulting in a cup of tea with a superior flavor and aroma.

Because they are more easily taken out of a mug, basket infusers are great for making multiple infusions (resteeping) tea. This is not only an economical way to get more mileage out of the same quantity of loose tea, but it can be a way to explore nuances of flavor and aroma in high-quality loose teas, as each brewing brings out different qualities of the tea.

Lastly, brewing baskets are more easily cleaned than tea balls. For those who compost their used tea leaves, a great way to promote sustainability, basket infusers allow tea drinkers to conveniently place used tea leaves into a compost bin.

My Personal Review of the Finum Brewing Basket (Medium)

The Medium Finum Brewing Basket was the first basket infuser that I have ever purchased. I have used it multiple times a day, almost every day, for almost two years, and it has proved very durable: it shows little sign of wear. It is easy to clean. It is an appropriate size for most mugs and some smaller teapots--according to Finum's website, it fits mugs and teapots with diameters between 65 and 95 mm. People with larger tea pots may wish to look at the large size.

Alex Zorach
Article by Alex Zorach
Alex Zorach has no affiliation with the Finum brand or with Riensch & Held and does not sell this product or receive any affiliate payments associated with it. However, he is an avid tea drinker and the creator of, a website for rating and reviewing tea. Read more about brewing tea on this site, including discussion of different types of tea infusers and different methods of preparing tea.

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