5 Tips to Find the Coolest Artisan Jewellery

By Stewart Wrighter

Artisan jewellery and Sundance jewellery are extremely beautiful and attractive because they stand out in the melee of today loud and formal accessories. They are beautiful because they are unique and lovingly made by the artisan one piece at a time. You find these pieces of exquisite jewellery when you visit the local markets at the most unexpected places.

What do you do when you have to buy some of this type jewellery and do not have any such markets around you? Here are five other sources from where you could get your exquisite and unique jewellery:

1. Artisan directly -- whenever you buy such jewellery, make it a point to befriend the artisan and get his/ her coordinates so next time you need something you could place order directly. Most artisans are happy to take up orders and will ship the consignment to you within 72 hours.

2. Internet -- the Internet is an amazing place where you can find everything you ever need at the click of the button. You can run a search about the type of jewellery you are seeking and voila, you will have hundreds artisans to choose from. For best results narrow on the top 10 and then research well their credentials before you place any order or pay anything to them. Runs search with the artisan's name and the word scam or fraud next to it to find out whether they are genuine or not.

3. Reputed online shopping malls -- go shopping online. Find the most reputed national and international online site and search for your favourite jewellery there. The advantage of shopping on these sites is that they have plenty of rules in place to protect the consumer (that is you) so there are less chances that you pay for something and get junk in return.

4. Make your own -- it is easier than you think. Check out the net for designs and know-how. Gather the ingredients and go to work. You will be surprised at the pretty things you can do once you put your heart and soul into it. Besides the fact that such jewellery would cost you a fraction of what you would have otherwise bought, you will find that you get utmost pleasure in wearing something you have created yourself.

5. Flea markets -- get down there and look things up. Flea markets are usually full of amazing bargains and little treasures that wait to be discovered by the right person. To get the best out of the flea market treasures, keep at least a couple of days in hand where you would have to walk it length and breadth in search of what you would call 'a perfect find'.

For emergency use, you could always add bits and pieces to the existing costume jewellery you have to make something different and unique. Do not let lack of imagination or reach stop you from finding the prettiest things you can accessorize your ensemble with -- it is out there, waiting for you to find it.

Stewart Wrighter
Article by Stewart Wrighter
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