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Although Peru is home to several bustling cities like Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo, its culture is largely defined by the indigenous customs found in its remote communities within the Andes mountains. It is a culture where clothing and survival are inextricably intertwined, and these two things produce the the colorful, vibrant patterns that illustrate Peruvian life.

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About Andean Textiles

Machu Picchu isn't always the first thing that people think about Peru any more. The heritage and tradition of Andean textiles has started to make a name for itself in all corners of the world, as its significance grows to more people than the indigenous civilizations.

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Coconut Oil Vs Coconut Milk

What are the differences between coconut oil and coconut milk in terms of health benefits? How are they made that causes the difference?

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Coconut Cream Vs Coconut Milk

What's the difference between coconut milk and coconut cream? Is coconut cream the same as coconut milk? These are what most people ask. Let me take this opportunity to clarify their differences.

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Coconut Oil Facts - Things to Know Before Using Coconut Oil

The craze on the benefits of coconut oil seems unstoppable without signs of dipping ever since someone unlocks its enormous healing power after years of being locked up in the dark. Thousands of people who use it have benefited from it. But as a beginner to this healthful oil, I wouldn't advise you to jump right into the pool before learning about some hard facts about coconut oil and start swimming in it hoping to get the same result as others.

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Gift Wrapping: Green Ideas

Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, any occasion at all… Gifts are always welcome with anybody at any time. However, as your mother probably told you the very first time you set off to a part with a gift, having pretty wrapping is part of the etiquette of gift-giving. Not wrapping a gift or (even worse) presenting a gift still in the shopping bag takes some of the excitement and pleasure out of receiving something special (the exception here would be if you are presenting someone with something fabulously expensive - the contrast between gift and wrapping makes for an excellent surprise).

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Caring For Cut Flowers and Houseplant

Cut flowers and houseplants are easy and cheap ways to bring a bit of nature inside your home (or office). They brighten the room up, often smell delicious and, in the case of houseplants, freshen the air in a room. However, you will need to care for houseplants and for cut flowers to get the most out of them.

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Flowers and Friendship

What better way to express yourself then to send a gorgeous bunch of flowers to a friend. They are the perfect way to show your friends that you care and with so many different colours and varieties, it is easy to pick the flowers that express what you want to tell your friends. Whether you wish to express everlasting friendship with tulips, or send a bouquet of pink oriental lilies to that rare and special friend, flowers are a fabulous way to do just that. From the long stemmed gerbera's to the gorgeous carnation, there is a flower for every emotion. Flowers say it all. What a perfect way to express how important your friendship is and to let your friends know that they are appreciated!

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Flowers, Natures Own Mood Lift

Gorgeous, vivid, passionate and loving. Flowers say it all. Flowers have a language all of their own, red and white roses for love and passion. White lilies stand for purity, red tulip were a declaration of love in the Victorian era, orange lilies are for desire and passion, just to name a few of the more popular flowers, which are often used in bouquets of florists. A good suggestion for a floral arrangement for a funeral would include marigold, poppy and black poppy, which in the Victorian era represented love, grief, eternal sleep, death and farewell. Laurestine represents a token, when put with Aboruitae, Bellflower and Yellow Rose, it can represent a token of eternal friendship. It can also let a friend know that you are thinking of them.

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Peru Vacation Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

To paraphrase, "It Happens". If you are traveling independently things won't always go according to plan on your Peru vacation and often the best you can hope for is that the disaster happens to someone else. However, you can always reduce your chances of being the unwilling star of an unfolding travel nightmare by learning from other people's experiences or by having a Tour Operator take the strain. If you decide to go DIY here are 4 classics horror stories and advice to help you avoid a similar fate.

Please remember that 99 percent of people never encounter problems but as with any foreign country, forewarned is forearmed!

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