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There is a lot to see and do on the Fair Trade Community web site --so much so we thought we'd give you a quick tour of some of the highlights.

Community Is Everything

For the community, by the community, Fair Trade Community strives to be the central source for informed, reasonable, and intelligent Fair Trade information, discussions and answers across the web.

The "By Community" phrase in this description is very genuine: we want Fair Trade Community users to feel as if they can contribute to the site from day one. This means more than just commenting on articles and other content (though we welcome that, too)--it means making connections with others, suggesting new content, helping us bring in or link to existing content, and joining the community as a Fair Trade Community member.

To get started, click Login to use or Register to get your free Fair Trade Community account. You will land on your Profile page in the Community section. From the Profile page, you can start your participation.

Note: You need to be logged in to use the links above.

Socializing with other users on Fair Trade Community is very worthwhile, but it's not the only opportunity to participate in the community. You can contribute your own content to Fair Trade Community, too.

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