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Daniel Stouffer

I am Daniel Stouffer. I am a part-time writer, passionate Solar Energy Consultant, an advocate of international cell phones, and a full-time Product Manager for Refrigerant Tracker, a solution to help manage, track, report refrigerant gases.

Educated in English and Mathematics, I dabble in writing pieces of this or that on the Internet while I work my day job building demand side energy management, carbon footprint reporting, and refrigerant gas tracking software.

I work for Verisae, Inc. I'm deeply involved in carbon management and renewable energy. My quest is to bring solar energy to U.S. homeowners and to better manage the substances that harm our environment like refrigerant gases, greenhouse gases, and those that deplete our ozone.

I'm also a small business owner working to promote the adoption of renewable energy. Solargies (Solar Energies), my goal is to spread the use of renewable solar power as simply and as rapidly as possible. He is also a writer, investing his time and energies educating people about renewable energy, the exciting world of interactive marketing, and other oddities of interest.

Verisae's Refrigerant Tracker and the Enterprise Carbon Footprint (ECF) products allow companies to take inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and refrigerant gas emissions. CO2 gas, Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), and refrigerant gases emissions are tracked and better managed with Verisae products. Organizations can have a direct, positive impact on the environment through better data management and taking accurate inventories of all greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to their Carbon Footprint.

Buzzirk Mobile will utilize Global Verge to market its products and services through a variety of direct marketing programs. Global Verge has members and sales representatives throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries. Global Verge has the exclusive marketing rights worldwide for the Buzzirk Mobile Phone powered by ZERO1 Communications. You are welcome to join us and work on our growing Earth Phone team.

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