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Fair Trade Community is created from a belief that if we want to solve this planets biggest problems we first have to exterminate poverty. It doesn't matter if the problem is climate change, over population, health, poverty, etc., we have to start with the poverty if we want to be able to solve the other global problems.

WE have to make the lives better for the poorest people in the world by helping them to be able to make their own living.

One tool we have available is Fair Trade. Fair Trade will not solve all the problems but if it is used well it can be one of the cornerstones for the necessary changes. With the help of Fair Trade we, regular people, have the possibility to change the world in a small way, piece by piece and person by person. Every small action and effort counts in the big picture because we are many. And that is what Fair Trade Community is all about.

  1. Fair Trade Community is the independent place where people meet and have the freedom to share whatever information they want around Fair Trade and how we can work to do something about the poverty in the world.
  2. Fair Trade Community is a place where information and knowledge about Fair Trade and Fair Trade ideas are built up to be a resource for everyone. Fair Trade Community is continuously building up the knowledge database with informative articles, questions and answers, blogs, directory content, forums, comments, photographs, videos, etc.
  3. Fair Trade Community is a bridge and help between producers and consumers by shorten the chain for products as well as information. Fair Trade Community is the place where they can meet, introduce themselves and get new connections whether it is personal or business.
  4. Fair Trade Community takes the idea about Fair Trade a step further, trying to help farmers to be able to refine their own commodities and sell refined products. And to be a help to thriving producer cooperatives/companies to market and sell their products.
Fair Trade Community :: Reflection of You and Me

Reflection of You and Me

Fair Trade Community is started with the aim to be your tool and help to make this a better world for some of the poorest people in the world. In this "Eleventh Hour" for the planet we can not afford to look away and wait for "Someone Else" or "Anybody" to do something. They have already done their part. Now is it up to us and with a joint effort we will be able to work wonders. How? By being informed about what is going on and react when it is time to react. By participate in the Fair Trade movement and buy Fair Trade products.

Remember that "WE" is a reflection of "ME".

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