Chocolate Videos
Here you can find out more about chocolate (cocoa) in movie form. Learn more about how it is produced, the impact on your health and how you best enjoy your favourite chocolate.
Coffee Videos
With these videos you can explore coffee from all around the world, how coffee grows, how it is treated to become the magnificent drink we all love so much. You can also listen to some coffee songs and learn how to make the best cup of coffee.
Fair Trade Related Videos
Videos about Fair Trade and Fair Trade related products and issues. You will be able to watch a documentary about what Fair Trade do for farmers in Peru and much more.
Fruit Videos
Fruit is nutritious and healthy and we love to eat fruit. Here can you watch videos on how some of your favourite fruits are produced and handled as well as nuts, grains and other related food.
Movie Trailers
Seen any good movie lately? Here are some suggestions to movies you can watch that are thoughtful, provocative and very interesting. These movie trailers show you some of the best Fair Trade, Health and food related movies that ever has been made.
Poverty Related Videos
Poverty is one of our times biggest diseases and we have to do everything we can to help people get out of poverty and be able to make their own living. Here are some videos related to poverty that are both interesting and thoughtful.
Sustainability Videos
Sustainability has become a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on earth. Sustainable development is important for Fair Trade as well as it is for all of us. Learn more about sustainability and our climate here.

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