REC Solar Panels: The New Environmentally Friendly Solar Panels

By Nadine Davis

Having solar panels installed for your home is a big step toward helping the environment and reducing your electricity bills. When you have them installed you want to know that the product you are getting is going to last and do the job it's intended for well. Knowing you have a superior product that will save you money and produce the power you need will give you peace of mind that you've made the right decision. The new REC solar panels will be found on rooftops all over the country in the very near future. Offering a high level and quality of consistency, they are surprisingly affordable.

Why REC Solar Panels?

Per square meter, REC solar panels have the capability to create more power. Because of design development that has boosted electrical flow, REC panels have been awarded the Solar Industry Award for Module Innovation. This award recognizes products that show technological progress towards grid parity and reductions in overall cost over the solar panel value chain. REC solar panels have been found to be the top performing module available and also came out ahead of two major Chinese and European competitors after a year-long performance ratio test. You can have more modules installed on a roof due to the solar panels' somewhat small footprint.

There are a number of fantastic attributes REC solar panels have meaning they are the wisest pick for your solar power scheme and the energy payback time for the complete module is 1 year. The panels have unique in-house glass etching and special anti reflective coating that will enhance the power output in all conditions such as direct light, diffused light, sunrise and sunset. REC solar panels also give high output in comparison to other panels based on testing by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) and Photon. Should you ever be concerned about repairs, REC solar panels warranty in comparison to forty leading competitors is considered the best. Your solar panels need to last you a good many years and being placed on the roof to absorb energy from the sun will certainly be a harsh condition. It's good to know REC solar panels are a product that can be trusted with a good warranty. These panels make changing to solar an even more environmentally aware decision.

With great government rebates available for making the change to use solar power, you can start saving money with REC solar panels sooner than you think. The best choice for you and our environment is REC solar panels.

Nadine Davis
Article by Nadine Davis
The new REC solar panels are the best options available for solar power. Solar Solar,, can offer expert advice for all your solar panel questions.

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