Myths About Solar Panels

By Terry Philips

There are many misconceptions that people make when it comes to solar energy, and one of those surrounds that people assume it can only be collected on your rooftop. The truth is, that is a version of solar energy, that will save you money through long-term investment.

This type of technology that produces solar energy is actually called photovoltaic (PV) technology, where solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity.

Not only does PV and solar panel technology come under the solar energy umbrella, but so does solar thermal technology. Heat is created through sunlight which is what solar thermal technology is. An electrical generator is powered by the heat that is turned into electricity by a heat engine. Unlike solar panels, solar thermal technology can be used throughout the night as it stores heat and converts into electricity.

The facts are that solar thermal technology has efficiency ratings much high than PV technology. PV technology converts 12 to 19 per cent of bright 300 BTU/square foot of sunlight into usable electricity. Solar thermal technology, which includes solar air and water within its bracket, can produce a 55 per cent efficiency rating at a much cheaper price for each kilowatt per hour.

Solar panels and PV often receive more attention and publicity than solar thermal technology but the later creates better energy at a lower cost. Many environmental experts and critics agree that Governments should be focusing on the lowest cost energy technology, and get away from the thinking that all solar energy technology is expensive to buy, run and isn't cost effective in the long term.

As strange as it may sound, the solar thermal technology that is used today, is very similar to that which people had in the 1800's. Buildings and homes often mounted black-painted water tanks to their rooftops in the 1890s. It was American Clarence Kemp who advanced the technology and it was him who patented the very first solar thermal system in 1986. In 1897, nearly 30 percent of the houses in Pasadena, California, had solar water heaters.

Japan and Israel lead the world in the development of solar thermal energy today. In Japan, 10 million solar thermal systems are in use. In Israel 90 per cent of homes use solar hot water heating, while in the United States solar thermal energy is well behind that figure considering it is the only superpower. Approximately only 1.5 million homes have solar thermal technology systems. However with scientific advancements, this clean technology has the chance to direct the world into a future that relies heavily on renewable energy.

Terry Philips
Article by Terry Philips
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