Does Solar Energy Have Disadvantages?

By Terry Philips

Solar energy is a clean, renewable and widely untapped resource that is poised to become a part of the energy makeup of the future. It is also unregulated by government or corporate entities, which means that it is completely free to use--once you have installed the proper equipment, of course.

Despite a huge amount of advantages, it's true that disadvantages also come with solar energy. While it's crucial to have a balanced viewpoint, it's never good to focus on the downsides but you need to understand both sides. Solar energy cons? By taking a look at solar energy and the drawbacks, we can put into perspective the positives of the source.

  • High installations cost. While solar energy is a great way to save money on your future energy bills, it won't be possible if you don't first have the thousands of pounds that it can cost to get started. It is a big cost to outlay immediately if you are going to hire professionals to install and wire the solar panels that you first need to purchase.
  • Aesthetics. Solar panels can be placed on rooftops or on a ground-based grid, but many homeowners consider them unsightly because they often clash with traditional architecture.
  • Little to no energy on overcast days. You may have it in abundance during the summer, but when shorter winter days arrive, you might find yourself trying to use less and less energy. Always consider the weather in your region, this type of energy is dependent on this and if you have harsh winters or a rainy climate then it may not be ideal.
  • Sensitivity to pollution. The sad fact is that most people around you won't be as conscious of the environment even if you are. If you live in a heavily populated area with lots of smog, it can actually decrease the effectiveness of your solar panels to collect energy from the sun.
  • Location dependency. City skylines can pose a huge problem to people who are based in urban parts because they interfere with the ability for your solar cell's to gather energy due to a lack of sunlight.

While people in certain locations should consider these disadvantages seriously before committing to solar energy, homes or buildings in rural areas may be able to easily mitigate some of the downsides. For example, using a hybrid energy plan that draws from both solar and electrical power can provide a consistent supply of energy. Whether you adapt your home or office to solar power or stick with electricity, it is easier to make a decision once you have all the facts.

Terry Philips
Article by Terry Philips
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